Engineering Lead - Front End

GameOn Technology

San Francisco, CA

Job Description

At GameOn, we believe in the potential of AI to better the world and our mission is to make AI accessible through conversational user experiences.

Visual interfaces are how partners and clients meet our product. To that end, we are looking for someone to build and lead a new team that will take our current interfaces to the next level. Be it working with code that already exists, or rewriting it from the ground up. It's your call.

GameOn is an open and ever evolving work environment where you'll have ample opportunity to contribute and grow in other areas of the company that interest you. We're currently all working remotely (and are open to the possibility of you being remote permanently), but do look forward to our office in the Financial District of San Francisco reopening as soon as it’s safe to do so.


  • Be hands-on and write code alongside other developers.
  • Lead the growth of the front end team by identifying areas of need as well as hiring the right people to fill those needs.
  • Take accountability for the efficiency and maintainability of front end code bases.
  • Distill features into specific, actionable engineering tasks, with consideration of short term value vs long term cost.
  • Define measurable goals for the team that balance ambition with practicality.
  • Translate organizational goals into personal goals that each team member can feel invested in.
  • Educate the team and greater organization so everyone can understand what the front end is, what it is capable of, and what potential it has.
  • Create and enforce scalable development processes that balance speed with quality.



  • Demonstrable leadership skills with small engineering teams
  • Strong, modern technical knowledge (we want to be using the latest technologies and best practices to build things)


  • Familiarity with tools we use: Vue, Nodejs, Google Cloud, AWS S3, and Kubernetes


  • Experience working with AI, chatbots or chat applications
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About GameOn

GameOn was founded in 2014 with a shared passion for building innovative messaging products that serve the world of broadcast media. Using its proprietary bot platform, GameOn has designed, developed, and launched business solutions for many of the world's largest sport, lifestyle, and media companies becoming an industry leader in user retention, engagement, and monetization in the chat application space. Some of the world’s most notable brands are partnering with GameOn to provide customized, rich customer experiences on the world’s major chat application platforms. Having recently closed a Series A funding round with a focus on scaling its engineering and business development efforts, GameOn continues to build momentum in an industry with rapidly expanding opportunities.

Enough about us, let's chat if you think you can help. Don't forget to share any experiences with chat bots you've had as a user OR developer when reaching out.